You need more than a skill,
you need a voice strategy.

Millions of Amazon Echo smart speakers are claiming spots on nightstands, kitchen counters and in family rooms, and automakers like Ford, BMW and others are integrating Alexa into their newest models. Like web and mobile before it, voice is becoming essential to everyday life.

SonicAI can guide your brand to harness the potential of voice and succeed on Amazon’s Alexa and other platforms.


Who We Are

We are audio experts and digital innovators. With a team of Detroit-based developers and digital leaders, combined with our expertise in creating top content and brand development for media companies and brands, we’ve designed outstanding audio experiences for AM/FM radio, satellite radio, podcasting, mobile apps and websites. Now, with the explosive growth of voice, we’re using our expert knowledge to create exceptional Alexa skills and custom voice integrations.

What We Do

Unlike most others in this area, we have deep experience in creating effective audio to help you maximize — and monetize — the potential of voice technology. We can help craft the strongest voice strategy, then build and deploy your skills, and support you with on-going monitoring, analytics and development. We’ll help you adapt your content for voice consumption. To help users discover and explore your skill, we will advise you on intuitive language, audio cues and navigation.

Why We Are Better

We have a proven track record building skills for major media companies, and we’ve studied what it takes to attract and retain users. We’ll help you develop content for your skill, and back it up with a comprehensive rollout for marketing and promotions. We’ll make sure your skills are keeping up with industry trends, user demands, platform capabilities and keep an eye — and an ear — on the latest devices around the corner, in the home and in the car.

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