2017 Smart Speaker Holiday Study

Jacobs Media Strategies, jācapps, and Sonic Ai teamed up to conduct a national online study examining consumer interest in voice-controlled smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home

The New Radio

By Steve Goldstein Originally published at Amplifi Media http://www.amplifimedia.com/blogstein Sometimes technological innovation takes away. Sometimes it gives. Walk into any Best Buy and look for an AM/FM radio and it will be difficult to find one, but there are “new radios” right at the front of the store. Digital has changed so much of legacy media. The music business was …

Why Radio Needs to Get Voice Assist Speakers Right

By Steve Goldstein Originally published at Amplifi Media http://www.amplifimedia.com/blogstein/2017/7/12/why-radio-needs-to-get-voice-assist-speakers-right Today, television is primarily an on-demand medium, having crossed the 50% threshold from “live” a few years ago. People watch shows at a time of their choosing. Commercial radio has not yet mastered time-shifted audio. According to Nielsen, listening to time-shifted commercial radio in PPM markets is less than 1%. All of …

What Are Smart Speakers Used For?

Use of smart speakers is evolving rapidly.  According to Comscore, streaming music ranks third at 54%, but add in spoken word (22%), and it is pretty clear how dominant audio is on these devices.


We teamed up with Jacobs Media a few weeks ago to launch Sonic Ai, a company focused on developing skills and strategies for the new exploding category of voice assistant devices. Not surprisingly, there is a great deal of interest in the radio business regarding these devices. The potential for radio is significant as it brings “radios” back into the …