Why Radio Needs to Get Voice Assist Speakers Right

By Steve Goldstein Originally published at Amplifi Media http://www.amplifimedia.com/blogstein/2017/7/12/why-radio-needs-to-get-voice-assist-speakers-right Today, television is primarily an on-demand medium, having crossed the 50% threshold from “live” a few years ago. People watch shows at a time of their choosing. Commercial radio has not yet mastered time-shifted audio. According to Nielsen, listening to time-shifted commercial radio in PPM markets is less than 1%. All of …

What Are Smart Speakers Used For?

Use of smart speakers is evolving rapidly.  According to Comscore, streaming music ranks third at 54%, but add in spoken word (22%), and it is pretty clear how dominant audio is on these devices.


We teamed up with Jacobs Media a few weeks ago to launch Sonic Ai, a company focused on developing skills and strategies for the new exploding category of voice assistant devices. Not surprisingly, there is a great deal of interest in the radio business regarding these devices. The potential for radio is significant as it brings “radios” back into the …

Alexa, Say What?!

Voice-enabled speakers are on a rapid growth arc. According to emarketer, growth this year will be hover around 130% Amazon’s Echo leads the way with a 71% share, but new devices from Microsoft and Apple are on the way. Who is using the devices? Millennials are leading the way.