5 Reasons Why The Voice Command Platform Is An Opportunity

5 Reasons Why The Voice Command Platform
Is An Opportunity For Your Station

Jacobs’ Techsurvey13 interviewed over 51,000 radio listeners across North America. This data is the foundation behind SonicAi.
  1. Two years to ten percent: Amazon Echo and Google Home are proliferating like crazy across format and demographic lines.Sports radio fans are as likely to own one as Adult Contemporary, Country, or Rock listeners.
  2. Radio is NOT at home: Techsurvey13 tracks the alarming trend that there are fewer radios in homes, especially among Millennials. Voice command devices are springing up in kitchens, dens, and on nightstands. Radio needs to be there, too.
  3. Consumers are speaking up. In cars, on smartphones, or on these devices, Techsurvey13 shows that nearly half of consumers are using their voice to access the content they desire.

    Soon voice commands will overtake typing as the easy, simple, and convenient way to control digital devices.
  4. Consumers want on-demand content. They are moving to platforms that offer what they want, when and where they want it. Techsurvey13 shows that a majority own a “Smart TV” that allows them to access programs from distributors from Netflix to YouTube. Audio is no different.

    Podcast consumption continues to grow. Techsurvey13 shows that Millennials and GenXers are leading the way, but podcast usage is increasing across demographics. Radio broadcasters must participate in the On-Demand Revolution, and voice command devices provide a gateway.
  5. Your best listeners – and new ones. Voice command devices drive discovery of station content – streams and podcasts, as well as news reports, morning show features, and bits.

    Your content strategy is enhanced with Amazon Echo and Google Home. SonicAI’s “Smart Skills” package is designed to complement and enhance your brand.


5 reasons Sonic Ai’s “Smart skills” can make a difference for you station

  • What’s Your Name? – There are thousands of radio stations from around the world already available on “Alexa.” But station names like “Mix,” “Lite,” “Fan” and “Z104”are problematic. We develop invocation skills that ensure that your station plays.
  • A stream is not a strategy – Sure streaming is important but the opportunities go beyond that. Your station can do much more to distinguish itself with voice command devices and we can show you how.
  • Tactics that move the needle – Major contests and promotions get an extra lift with our proprietary “smart skills” tactics and strategies.
  • Voice Command devices drive audience retention:
    •  80% of morning show content is missed – Drive your time-shifting strategy on these devices.
    • For PPM markets, additional listening – We know ways to increase quarter hour listening which adds to ratings.
    • Audio clips – Radio has a way to share short-form content, like social media. A great interview, a fun morning show moment, a “can’t-miss” talk show segment.
  • Customized strategies – We know radio programming. We’ll review your goals and station assets and develop a custom strategy that goes beyond the stream.

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